They gained expertise in the different grading methods and techniques. The legacy continued and today we are amongst the biggest and strongest collectors, importers, graders and exporters of second hand clothes in the world. With a 2,000 sq ft collection and grading warehousing an distribution facility in Texas Houston to a 2,000 sq ft grading facility in Pakistan, Noori International has the strength to grade 2,000 lbs of clothes, shoes and accessories every day. Our team of graders are not just graders, they join, work and gain experience as a quality controller first and once they have hands-on experience in the quality control, they join the team of graders, which is why we provide the highest quality of merchandise to our customers worldwide. Each and every garment, shoe or accessory is carefully checked and segregated into Cream, A, B, C categories and then shipped to different parts of the world accordingly.


Noori International enjoys its existence in:
USA – Collection, grading and Export Facility
Pakistan – Grading and Export Facility
Middle East – United Arab Emirates – Grading, Distribution and Export Facility
East Africa – Distribution Facility
West Africa – Distribution Facility
South Asia – Distribution Facility
Southeast Asia – Distribution Facility